Thursday, May 18, 2006

A bit of this and that...

Nothing collected or organized today... just a few little items of late...

1. We're smack dab in the middle of vehicle shopping and loan applications. Looks like we'll be getting a Jeep Grand Cherokee, which has always been a favorite of mine.

2. The people I work for are bringing home a boxer puppy today. I can't wait to meet her!

3. The sun is out again today--YAY! After a week of solid rain (not joking), it's wonderful to feel like spring again.

4. My dear friend Rebekah is finding out today whether she's having a boy or a girl. I'm almost as excited to hear her news as I was to find out mine!

5. Tuesday I went to see Damaris and her baby, Eva. (with a short E, like ever.) (Remember? I threw a baby shower for her. See previous pics.) She is just precious. I planned to just drop off her gift and chat for half an hour. Well... 3 hours later I finally left. Damaris is right back into her pre-pregnancy size XS! Sick!

6. I did assignment #5A this morning for my class. I plan to do 5B this afternoon.

7. Last night Livvie was kicking so hard! Nate and I watched in amazement as my shirt fluttered with her kicks!

And that's about it. I'd better be on my way... lots of things to do!


Kelli said...

We will probably get a Jeep Grand Cherokee for our next car - I love them too! Will you have to take care of the puppy too? That is so neat that Livvie is kicking so much - what an amazing thing! Have fun with your friends new baby!

pamela s said...

Congrats on the Jeep! I love our SUV - not the $$$ it takes for gas though. :( But, actually it's not much different than our car was, so I don't have much to complain about.

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