Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Lunch Box Dilemma

4 days a week I pack a lunch for Nate to take to work. Most of the time, it's a lunchmeat type sandwich, a soda, chips, granola bar, yogurt or pudding, and a piece of fruit. Well, my poor Nate gets so tired of the same things all the time! He graciously said so awhile back, so I have thought of various things. I started making chicken salad sandwiches or fried chicken or chicken pasta salad with peas & cheese. In the summertime I sometimes send potato salad. Of course, with fruit there's an endless variety. Once in a while I send plain chips with chip dip. But really, there must be some things I'm not thinking of! Can you ladies help me out? He doesn't have a microwave available, which would make things SOOOOOO much easier. So it's gotta be something cold. I'll try any ideas you could send my way! Nate thanks you!


Shyla said...

Have you tried doing wraps?
When I lived with Matt Bixler's family before I got married, his mom would buy deli meat like chicken breast and she would put american cheese, lettuce, and bbq sauce on it - YUMM!!!

Or turkey with a little red onion thinly thinly sliced, lettuce, tomato, oregano and little mayo.

She experimented with spices and different sauces and that helped break up the mundane sandwiches.

i'll write more when i have a sec.

Karen said...

Thanks! I love wraps--and I'm sure Nate would love ANYthing out of the ordinary! I'll definitely try it.

nate, christina, and connor said...

nathan always liked pizza rolls (or cold pizza). he and i got tired of sandwiches too, so i know what you mean.
here's what i did--so i didn't have to resort back to my "africa days" where we made our own bread (so exhausting!):
i buy a bag of frozen loaves of bread (kroger brand or rhodes brand is great)
let one thaw, then cut small pieces off, flatten and fill with some pepperoni and cheese if you want. then just fold the edges to make the "roll" and bake.
my aunt claudia has a phenom recipe for bread maker dough...if you've got access i would say go that route b/c the bread is tons better.
and she adds garlic salt to the tops....which is a very tasty variation.
super easy and very delish!
hope that helps!

Heather said...

I love Shyla and Christine's ideas. I have to try them!

I don't know if you and Nate like salad's but Kevin loves lettuce salad's with meat, cheese, olives, croutons and bacon bits on them. Really, you can make them any way you want. He does not have a microwave either (since he eats in his truck normally) but during the summer he loves to do salads because of working outside and it being so hot!
I know it is not anything fancy or out of the ordinary, but you can make just about any variation of a salad.

Karen said...

Thanks, girlies! I'll try your ideas for sure! And Nate thanks you, too.

TwoMuths said...

Hey, Karen! Not sure if you remember me, but for what my 2 cents is worth, sometimes when I'm out of lunch meat for Michael, I'll make a quesadilla (sp?) with chicken and cheese and maybe a few veggies or whatever, and put that in the lunch box. I blush to admit sometimes when we've been REALLY lax about grocery shopping I even make a pepperoni and cheese version...I also second Shyla's suggestion on the wraps. For some reason they seem to make the lunch meat last longer, and Michael really likes different kinds of salad dressing (ranch, caesar, etc) on there with the meat, cheese and veggies. I use whole wheat tortillas as well.

Karen said...

Hi, Jenny! Congratulations on your little bundle! Again, another great idea with the quesadillas... mmm! You all are life savers!

nate, christina, and connor said...

doesn't it just figure....after i suggested pizza rolls i thought, "mmm...that sounds good. i should make some of those for nathan."
well, i've been to two stores and they were both out of the bread loaves!! sure they had tons of wheat loaves, but who wants wheat pizza rolls?
if you're gonna have pizza rolls, HAVE pizza rolls!

Alicia said...

Excellent suggestions! My hubby loves pbj so I get off easy. :) What about adding a cookie or brownie for Nate's lunch?

pamela s said...

There's always using a thermos for soups or stews, although that's usually for the chillier months.
These are great, and I'm sure my husband wouldn't mind changing up his lunch. Bless his heart, he never complains about it though.

Katie said...

All these lunch ideas sound so great, and are making me hungry. Fortunately, I have pizza dough rising (although it's wheat - we like wheat pizza Christina, although not as well as white :)). I testify that the pizza rolls Christina is talking about are good. Nicole made them several times for our small group last year - and they were great!

We also love making things with whole-wheat tortillas - wraps would be a great thing for a cold lunch. :)

journeyer said...

I know this sounds kinda of "little kiddie" but we went through a fruit snack kick. they were a fun diversion and not too expensive, and just as good for you as pudding, chips, or cookies :) kb

suzanne said...

Hey Karen,
I thought i'd add my input as well. You said that you put chips and dip in his lunch sometimes, have you ever thought of humus and pita instead? It is better for you too. Also, have you guys ever tried couscous? Couscous can be eaten warm or cold. YOu can even make it sweet by adding cinnaman, sunflower seeds and craisins. It is really yummy. We also do wraps, but we spice it up sometimes and use tomato basil wraps or spinach wraps. Also, for a chicken salad or tuna salad sandwich, you could always just use pita bread/ It is the little things sometimes that make the difference. I hope I could be of some help to you!

Jenni-brooke said...

Hey Karen! I don't know if you will remember me or not, but this is Jenni-brooke Fairchild. I know you from Northland. I found your blog through Shyla's blog. It's been great finding so many people that I know - can't believe how many have joined the blogging community!!! I know you must be so excited about your baby!!! Congratulations!

I realize that this "lunch box" post was written a while back, but here is a little sandwich idea. It's a veggie bagel sandwich. First get a whole grain (or whatever kind you like) bagel and toast it in the oven (I just broil it.) Then spread it with a light cream cheese and then put thinly sliced red onion, shredded carrot, cucumber, bell pepper, tomato and lettuce on it. Then put a slice of cheese on top (preferably sharp cheddar) and place it on a baking sheet or a piece of foil or something and broil it again. Watch it closely this time and pull it out just as the cheese starts to soften/melt. They are absolutely delicious!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!