Friday, March 03, 2006

Karen Adams, Dishwasher Extraordinaire

I HATE doing the dishes. I do not have a dishwasher; I AM the dishwasher. I have a bad habit of letting the dishes pile up for a couple days (it sometimes seems silly to fill up the sink for 2 plates and 2 forks!)...okay maybe 3 or 4! I'm terrible, I know! I do take pride in my home, and every other part of the house stays pretty tidy. But the dishes, I hate! Maybe it's because it's a never-ending job. Ya know that it's only a matter of a few hours until that glistening, empty sink will hold more dirty dishes.

This past Sunday evening, I was battling my female instincts, having put off the sinkful of dishes all weekend. But when we had no spoons left, I knew it was time. So I dutifully stacked the dishes, put on some music, and filled up the sink. The way I do the dishes is as follows: silverware goes in first and soaks for most of the dishwashing duration. (It does go in your mouth, after all!) Glasses and cups are the first to be washed, since they also touch the mouth. Bowls and plates follow, having had second-hand mouth contact, through silverware. Then tupperware containers, measuring cups, etc... with pots and pans last.

WELL, I was washing glass number 3--just started!--when it broke with my hand twisting inside it. I sliced my right pinky on the jagged edge and started bleeding terribly! I bled all over the clean glasses, dripped on the floor, spattered the wall, smeared the bathroom light switch, and even managed to get a little on the shower curtain! Sheesh!

The cut is healing nicely, but the experience certainly didn't make dishwashing any more enticing!

What's YOUR most hated household task?


Heather said...


I have two house hold duties that I despise. One would be doing the dishes. We do not have a dishwasher either. I too am the "DISHWASHER". My second hated task is Laundry. I love the outcome of fresh smelling clothes. I just hate...taking it out of the hamper, putting it in the washer, taking it out of the washer, putting it in the dryer, taking it out of the dryer, folding it, putting it in basket and then finally putting it away. So many steps to get to that nice smelling laundry.

Glad to hear your finger is healing nicely and that you are back to doing the dishes. :) Have a great weekend.

Genns said...

I don't like doing dishes either, luckily my nice parents bought me a dishwasher. But I'm with Heather on laundry. It takes so long, and I hate being in the basement. I also hate peeling potatoes, okay maybe I hate a lot of things. I really like playing with Ella and cuddling in bed and taking a bath. Are those considered chores?

Shyla said...

ok - your kindred spirit here...i can say ditto to every part of your post...i am laughing b/c it is if I wrote it and posted it on your blog (minus the cut pinky thing...although i DID cut my finger on a glass that broke BEFORE it went in the water last weekend (ARGH!!).
Anyway, I would rather clean the toilet all day long than do 20 minutes of's ridiculous i know, but i would much rather clean the bathroom than the kitchen. All that being said, I don't like waking up to a dirty kitchen (neither does my husband, although he is NOT a nag about it! PTL). That's been my biggest challenge lately with motherhood on my tail- what kind of house do I want my kids growing up in? So, Fine - all extra 22 lbs of me on my tired feet have been standing infront of the sink at 10 pm washing dishes and even though I hate it (and am thankful for Brooklyn Tab or any other genre of music that helps me get through the arduous task)it is character building in me and it brings rest in the morning. Maybe I should have learned this lesson when my mom was trying to teach it to me!! :)

Shyla said...

am i retarded or did i just post my weight gain on your blog. sheesh - proofreading BEFORE you hit send it ideal i am guessing!

Alicia said...


I'm with the other ladies - I abhor dishwashing. It's so continual. Dishwashing used to be my husband's contribution but it's fallen to me since he's so busy with studying lately. To help me through it I've been listening to books on tape while washing.

I also very much dislike dusting. I'd much rather play on friends' blogs! :) Hope your finger heals up quickly!

nate, christina, and connor said...

well girls, i hate to say it but i have a dishwasher. and no it's name isn't nathan. i love that we have been blessed with it or my blog would be a cut and paste of the above. instead, i'm with heather. laundry is a pain in the kiester. specifically ironing. hate it, hate it, hate it. but you know, the only part i like is folding connor's clothes. so tiny and loveable!

Katie said...

I also don't have a dishwasher. At least this is something I can brag about to my kids when they grumble about doing the dishes. "I didn't have a dishwasher for the first five years of our marriage!" Next year we will have one, PTL! But, I'm not sure if dishwashers are standard in Scotland; my guess is no. I really empathize with you, Karen. I HATE washing the dishes. Sometimes I feel like that's all that I ever do! And, I typically wouldn't consider doing laundry a hated task, but right now we live in a 2nd-floor duplex and I have to go outside and down to the basement to do it. Granted, it's easier than going to a laundromat, but I have to do it while Luke's sleeping (it's not so easy to haul the laundry AND Luke down there). Next year, I'll have it on the same level (YEA!), but again, I'm wondering if we'll be able to have our own washer/dryer in Scotland. Yikes!

How are you feeling being elpregnado?

Karen said...

Most days I feel great, Katie! Thanks for asking! ("elpregnado" cracked me up!) Even though my clothes don't fit, I know it's for a good reason. I'll just have to keep telling myself that when I'm huge in the dog days of summer!

dwilson said...

Hi Karen,
I saw your name on the Conley's website, and wanted to say hi to you and Nate. I hope all is going well with you two. Congrats on the Baby, I am not sure I knew until now.
David Wilson

journeyer said...

i have to say that i have a dishwasher as well - so that really isn't too bad. what i don't like is folding laundry. It seems like i end up having to do like 3 baskets in one day. It just never ends. The other thing i REALLY don't like to do is sweep. I don't know what it is about my kitchen floor, but i don't like to sweep it, vacuum it, or wash it. i just don't like it! and - no i don't mind the bathroom.