Monday, March 27, 2006

An Eventful Weekend

The weekend just flew by! I don't like it when that happens... but it was a good weekend, anyway. Friday night we spent the evening at Nate's parents' house. They fed us, and Nate and his dad watched basketball while his mom and I talked. She's one of my favorite people. I was thinking that night how thankful I am for in-laws that I can not only tolerate, but love! They're wonderful people.

Saturday we atttended a wedding--Aaron Oskey, one of Nate's college buddies. Then there was a light reception, followed by a dinner reception...3 hours later! Ugh! I HATE it when people do that! If you're one of those people, PLEASE! Tell me why you'd strand poor out-of-towners for 3 long hours! Anyway, even though Nate was really looking forward to filet mignon, neither of us wanted to sit in the gymnasium all afternoon! Luckily, Ben Anderson, another friend, was there. We left and watched some basketball with him. Actually, Nate watched. I snoozed on the couch. :) I had a first on Saturday, too--actually 3 of them! 3 people who did not know me asked about my pregnancy! Yay! I now know that (at least most of the time) I no longer just look chubby. :) That was exciting for me.

Yesterday we went to lunch after church, and Wade's birthday party in the afternoon. He's turning 2 this week, and what a party it was! There were 9 kids there under age 9. Add a pinata and VERY sugary kool-aid, and BAM! What a raucus! But it was fun.

So last night after church I wound down from the hectic weekend by watching a couple specials on the Discovery Health channel. I don't watch much TV, so that was a nice, relaxing treat.

1 week til Wisconsin!

How was your weekend?


Amanda said...

Hi karen, I don't think that we know each other at all but i too am a nbbc grad. I was talking with someone from my church who said that he saw you at aaron's wedding. He and his wife are mike and kelly roeper. So, since i had seen your blog i thought i'd jot a note and say hello. I think that your husband would probably remember me though.
Anyway, just thought i'd write. Oh...also, congrats on the coming little one!
Amanda (Turnbow) Trumbull

Heather said...

Sounds like you did have one busy weekend! Kevin and I were just commenting that we do not have one free weekend till some time in MAY!!! I don't like it when I am that busy and all we do is run around!

This weekend was NBBC's spring break so my brother and his wife come to visit us before getting back to their hectic schedules of classes and work. We had a wonderful time and of course they spoiled our kids! Gotta love that!

TwoMuths said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I'm still waiting on the "when are you due?" question from a stranger. I guess I'm carrying this child strangely, or I just still look chubby!! :-) Oh, well, I can handle it! Especially knowing there are only 17 weeks left to go! How long for you?

Alicia said...

Isn't that great when others ask about your little growing baby? There is some invisible (and strong) bond between all mommies out there and I just loved gushing about pregnancy details to people (except about my weight gain - one lady at work would always, without fail, ask how much weight I had gained after I returned from a dr. appt. talk about annoying!) Who did Oskey marry?

Karen said...

Amanda: Yep, Nate does remember you. I do, too, actually. Our high schools played against each other in volleyball. :) You were a terrific setter! :)

Jenny: WOW! You're 23 weeks and still not showing! That's impressive! I'm only 16 weeks. Lucky you, I guess!

Alicia: He married Christina Collings, someone from his church.

Karen said...

Oops. Make that Collins.

TwoMuths said...

Yeah, well, I think instead of popping out in front, the baby is squishing all my organs around and re-arranging me!! LOL. Hello, heartburn! There's a little bit of a belly, but I guess not enough of one to have people be confident in asking me about it.

Amanda said...

So, did you go to Waupaca, then?? Boy, highschool seems so long ago.