Friday, February 10, 2006

My Date Last Night

We went on a date last night! We don't have those very much lately; between Concordia and his classwork, Nate doesn't usually have nights free. But he finished a 15-page paper this week and got an A on it, so we celebrated last night. We went to the mall and walked around, (had to return something and get a necklace repaired) and then we went to Damon's for dinner. Funny thing happened... we're sitting there eating and watching the end of the Michigan b-ball game, and 10 minutes later, in walks Brett Musburger (no idea on that spelling!) and Steve Leevy! (sorry, sports fans. I probably butchered both of those names!) Those were the announcers; Leevy used to coach at UCLA. So Nate got all starry-eyed, and he kept staring at them! They were sitting right next to us, and people were coming over and asking for autographs. It was pretty cool, even though I would never have had the slightest idea who they were. Anyway, I'd say the date was pretty nice!


Shyla said...

i'd call that a date!! A nate and 2 super stars...what could be better!!
My nate and I are going out to a nice restaurant tonight for Vday - to avoid the over priced menus on the 14th!! :)