Friday, February 17, 2006

Me at 10 weeks. (sigh) And this is only the beginning! :) Actually, I'm excited about the whole pregnancy package--especially the one that's growing inside of me! I'm off now to make a Chinese feast, complete with Chicken Fried Rice and Cream Cheese Wontons! Happy Friday! Posted by Picasa


Shyla said...

you're so cute!!
I has to laugh out loud when I saw this pic! Those were the days!! :)
We are so excited for you and Nate! Drink lots of water and take your prenatal vitamins girlie!!
Have a happy monday!

Alicia said...


That's so cute that you took a picture of your growing little belly! I remember how proud I was of my little bulge at 5 months . . . little did I know how huge and annoying that bulge would become. After delivering a 10 lb. baby now I realize why I was so large and in charge! Sorry, hope I didn't scare you. Keep updating us on your pregnancy and here's to a healthy one!