Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Old Nature Within

Today was business as usual, except I started really early (started early yesterday, too). I played with Wade pretty hard all morning and got him to sleep around noon. I was pumped, because I was exhausted and looking forward to a nap myself! Evan got home and ate, and was his usual loud self. I kept reminding him--4 or 5 times--that his little brother was sleeping and he should be quiet and he'd be dead meat if he woke up Wade! Finally, at 1:00, I sent him to the bathroom and up to nap. No sooner did the bathroom door close, than Evan SCREAMS, "KAAAAREEEEEEN!"

Now, we are not talking normal voice, elevated a bit. We're talking lost-my-mommy-in-the-mall screaming. And the old nature surfaced. I whipped the door open, fuming, "What is your problem?!! I've told you 5 times to WHISPER! If Wade wakes up..." Turns out the child needed toilet paper.

To make a long (very long!) story short, Wade got exactly one hour of sleep instead of his usual 3.5, and Karen got exactly NO sleep. And Evan got a dirty look and a boy-are-you-in-trouble threat. So I'm exhausted tonight, too exhausted to blog anything. Sorry if I've disappointed. I've got only a half day tomorrow. Then, I will come home and nap. Maybe I'll sleep for 3.5 hours. I think I deserve it.


beck said...

Wow! That all sounds too familar!!!! I think I tell Hannah and Ethan about 200 times each morning to be quiet, but lo and behold 6:30 on the dot, here comes Michael. Boy is he a crabby patty that early in the A.M.

Vicki Jean said...

Did you cut your hair?

Shyla said...

i had to laugh when i saw the demon within had been exorcised!