Monday, September 12, 2005


I am an avid clearance shopper. I know exactly where all the clearance and sale shelves/racks are in almost every store in Michigan. I don't know what it is about clearance shopping. Maybe I can't resist those brightly colored clearance tags. Maybe the huge signs bearing the word "SALE" possess some unexplainable magnetism. I don't know. I just know I like it.

This weekend the thrift store had a bag sale. I paid just 2 dollars for a brown grocery bag and filled it to the gills with clothing, music, videos, and books, with each single item amounting to about ten cents each. That was really fun.

A couple weeks ago I purchased a steamer--a great one from Westinghouse that has a built in masher (think potatoes). It was originally 50 bucks. I got it for $6.49.

I do have to be careful, though. If I'm not, I may end up purchasing things just because they're clearanced, and not using them. That rarely happens, though. Generally, I think through each purchase carefully, asking, "Can I use this? Do I need it? Would I consider buying this anyway? Could I give it as a gift? (an especially good one)

It's a great alternative to paying retail prices for things. I often end up finding really nice, quality items and feeling rather proud of myself for getting such "steals" on them.


beck said...

Hey...I LOVE clearance too!!!! As far as thrift shops...they don't have them here!!! I have been going through withdrawl!!!!!!!