Saturday, November 08, 2014


Since the temps are dropping drastically now, I have been drinking far fewer smoothies.
Smoothies were my go-to lunch all summer long!   I love them, but when I already can't feel my fingers and toes, holding & sipping a cold beverage is not appealing.

So now, I have to actually think about what I can scrounge up that isn't too comfort-food-ish.
I love assembling a big fat sandwich... or throwing together a pizza... MMM, PIZZA...

But THE VERY LAST thing I want to do is fall off the healthy-eating bandwagon all winter long!

The second-to-last thing I want to do, though, is add yet another complicated or time-consuming meal prep to my kitchen tasks.  AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

So I began snapping photos of my lunches, and posting them to my Instagram, so that I won't forget the good ideas when they come along.  Not because I think I'm amazing with food, but just so I can remember when I'm unmotivated!

Here, a nice big salad.  This is romaine, red onion, tomato, cuke, green olives, Craisins, feta, & french dressing.  
Also glazed apple cinnamon oatmeal bread, edamame, and grapes with cottage cheese.

On this day I had a baked sweet potato, half an egg salad sandwich (on homemade whole-wheat bread!  Go me!), and chips--just a few!  Also an apple and some Greek yogurt with a tiny swirl of homemade strawberry jam.  YUM!

Another big salad, yes.  But this one's romaine & baby spinach, cuke/tomato/red onion, feta, pomegranate arils, & zesty Italian dressing.  I love that sweet pomegranate crunch!  I also had a small piece of butternut squash lasagna, which I topped with a smear of pumpkin-chipotle sauce.  SO GOOD!  

My family is decidedly AGAINST this lasagna.  "No meat?!  Squash?!  THE IDEA!!"  Weirdos.

So I just transferred it from the 9x13 to freezer containers.  Super for when *I* don't want to eat what *they're* eating.  So there!  I'll take this luscious lasagna over chili dogs any day!

For the record, the Luscious Lasagna recipe can be found at    I do not use the amaretti cookies.

Today's lunch:  
☆grilled cheese with apple
☆bruschetta-style avo/tomato/feta
☆cheesy broccoli
☆boiled egg

Food makes me so happy.

{{{What do you eat for lunch???}}}


Kathy said...

Karen, I'm so impressed with the variety you put into your lunches. I usually just grab a peanut butter sandwich and get back to my projects. And then an hour later I am hungry again and raiding the cupboards. You inspire me.