Friday, April 11, 2014

Meet Maizey!

Thought I'd share a bit about the newest addition to the family: Maizey.
we got her in early October, and immediately we were smitten.  Below: her first night with us.

She's a lover!  She didn't house-train easily, but she was so sweet and sorry when accidents happened that we couldn't be too irritated with her.

I'm afraid I'm to blame for Maizey's love for the comfy couch.  From the time she was teeny, we made a habit of snuggling on the couch together every night.  Below:  she gets in on the Kindergartners' day.

Here's the little sweetie just last week.  She loves going for walks and flying all around the yard. She's crazy!  She needs lots of training in obedience and gentleness, but she's a loving dog... and a great watchdog!