Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas Giving

This year we participated in Operation Christmas Child, with each of our girls filling a shoebox for a needy child in a poverty-stricken country.  They took to the idea right away and blessed our hearts with their excitement in giving to others.  Olivia and Ellia chose to give to girls their age, and Brienna wanted to give to a boy her age.  They immediately began planning what sorts of things they'd pack into their boxes, and wondering where their boxes would ultimately go.

It was a wonderful family time of perusing the store aisles, looking for items that little girls and boys would enjoy having.  Everyone received toothbrushes and candy canes.  The girls got cute headbands and hair clips, silly pens and notebooks, pretty rings and little dolls.  The boy's box included a puzzle, monster truck, dinosaurs, playdoh, a comb.

 We pray that our girls will always have a heart for others!