Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ellia is FOUR!

Our Ellia Joy turned four last month!
 She had to share her birthday with a move to the other side of town, but that didn't stop her from enjoying her special day.

We started by pinning her with the "birthday girl" pin.  

Olivia was very excited about Ellia's birthday; she used her own money and a couple hours of her time to make paper jewelry and special pictures for her.  
 Happy birthday from Olivia!

 Ellia's gift from us and her grandparents:  a shiny new bike!

We love you, Ellia!

Ellia is definitely a BIG GIRL now.  No more baby fat and childish words... she's getting lanky and tall (90th percentile for height!), and other than her lisp for "s" sounds, she talks like a big, grown-up girl!

She has been growing more interested in salvation and heaven.  We have more and different difficulties with Ellia than with the other two.  Quick temper, pouting problems, and many fears.  We pray that God will give us patience to be consistent in loving training and discipline.

On the other hand, we see that Ellia has a BIG heart!  She is overly sensitive, but that means that when her heart is tender, it is VERY tender!  She wants to know God and love Him.  She loves her sisters (fiercely, sometimes!) and her parents, all of her cousins, etc... and a select few non-family influences.  :)

A Few of my Favorite Things

  1. Dinner:  pizza
  2. Treat:  ice cream
  3. Drink:  apple juice
  4. Toy:  Barbie
  5. Movie:  Peter Pan
  6. Color:  pink
  7. Song:  "Jesus Loves Me"
  8. Babysitter:  Ms. Kathy
  9. Outing:  McDonalds
  10. Bible Story:  Jonah and the Whale.  "The whale swallows Jonah because he was in the water. And God sent a big fish to rescue him."


E B said...

I know that Ms. Kathy thinks Ellia is a very special girl ...Happy Birthday to Ellia from Ms. Kathy's mom