Monday, March 12, 2012

Imagination and Play

{more often than I care to admit}, 
I turn the corner to check on my peeps...

...and I have absolutely no idea what they're doing.
They have incredibly lively imaginations, for which I am thankful!

And boundless energy, for which I should be thankful!

They adore their mother, 
and I know that it might not always be this way, 
but even so... it is not yet a habit, and I don't always delight in the mess of their play.
But I try to remember.  
Remember to stop whatever (unimportant) task I'm doing,
And say with great interest, "What's going on, girls?"

Their answers are always exciting and imaginative.  
Usually elaborate playacting scenes of rescue and mommies and fairies and heroes and doing the good and noble thing.
And can you zip my gown?  And may we use our blankets for capes?  And what can we use for a sword, Mama? 

And I laugh at their fun, and I play along.  
Take a little snapshot with my memory's camera.
And, once in awhile, 
{less often than I care to admit},
with my actual camera.