Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas 2011, Preparation

We have been bustling and busy!  

 ...making Christmas goodies...

Thus far my baking list has included the following:
  1.  Puppy Chow x2
  2. Candy Cane Twists
  3. Sugar Cookie Cut-outs
  4. Peanut Brittle
  5. Angel Food Candy
  6. Peanut Clusters
  7. Cream Cheese Coconut Balls
  8. Gingerbread Snowman Cookies
  9. Fudge
  10. Pumpkin Cake Roll

Obviously, we have a solid grasp on the True Meaning of Christmas around here.

Ellia has been a tremendous help... rolling, cutting, and transferring cookies like a pro! 

...dressing up...

...playing with the nativity toys...I think they "get it."

...more baking/decorating/eating, this time with the neighbor kids...

...and ice skating!