Friday, August 05, 2011

Pictures from my Phone

I've never uploaded phone photos to the computer before today. I've been giggling for the past 20 minutes as I scroll through them... Here, the best of them.  Enjoy!

We were expecting the carpet cleaning guy.  Brienna thought it was a wonderful jungle gym.

Such a funny girl.
Another funny girl.

stylin' and profilin'
Olivia at the allergist.  2.5 hours, lots of screaming, one Up! viewing, and 26 pokes later, they told me what she's allergic to:  cashews and peanuts.  Thank you very much.
Hot Air Balloon Festival
Olivia's first bumper car ride


Alicia said...

Great shots, Karen! I love the one of Olivia and Ellia sticking out their chests -- what a great sisterly moment you caught! Poor Olivia at the allergist's. Ugh. Clive went through that this spring though he didn't go through the whole food-testing gamut. Just dogs, cats, molds and pollens.