Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thee and not Thy Gifts

I came across this prayer by George Matheson, the blind Scottish pastor who also penned "O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go" (emphasis mine). 

"O Thou Divine Spirit, that in all events of life art knocking at the door of my heart, help me respond to Thee.  I would take the events of my life as good and perfect gifts from Thee: I would receive even the sorrows of life as disguised gifts from Thee.  I would have my heart open at all times to receive--at morning, noon, and night; in spring, and summer, and winter.  Whether Thou comest to me in sunshine or in rain, I would take Thee into my heart joyfully.  Thou art Thyself more than the sunshine, Thou art Thyself compensation for the rain; it is Thee and not Thy gifts I crave; knock, and I shall open unto Thee.  Amen." 


Mary Ann said...

And amen. What a God-pleasing perspective on this life...thanks for sharing!

tanveer said...

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