Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Olivia:  "Mommy, do you think God was pleased that Jacob loved Joseph more than his other sons?"
Mommy:  "No, I don't think God was pleased by that.  What do you think?"
Olivia:  "I don't think so, either.  Do you love my sisters more than you love me?"
Mommy:  "No!  I love all of you the same.  I don't have a favorite."
Olivia:  "That's good.  That pleases God, too."

Olivia:  "Look, Mom!  Brienna is hiding under her crib!"
Mommy:  "Yes, I see that!  What a funny girl."
Olivia:  "I'm going to get you, Brienna!  And I'm going to tickle your armpits,..."  [pause]
   ...just like Joseph's brothers threw him into a pit!  As in, armpit!"