Monday, February 21, 2011

The Advantage of Little Helpers

Usually, it's easier to do things ourselves, isn't it?  When the kids "help," tasks take twice as long and get at least three times as messy... especially if they're helping you in the kitchen. 

***Brienna LOVES to help with laundry!***

But encouraging them to help (or even just observe!) and then praising them for it is necessary!  It teaches them responsibility; it lets them in on the blessing of service; it often makes for great conversation or one-on-one time!  Plus, I don't think there are many little ones out there who'd say, "I've spent enough time with you lately, Mom.  I'd rather not be with you!" 

Or maybe it's just MY girl who'd be eternally happy if I held her hand and hung out with her every.single.moment of  Forever and ever.

At some point, though, if we teach them thoroughly enough, patiently enough, and long enough... their "help" will actually be helpful!  Sweet, sweet someday...

But sometimes it's definitely to your advantage when your helper is under 4 feet tall.
 ***"Couple more little socks in there, BabyDoll!  You can reach them!"***

I took a nasty fall last week and haven't had a chance to visit my chiropractor yet. 

 Now this?  THIS is the most "help" I've had in a long time!