Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Making Memories

We've been busy this Christmas season!

Five dozen cut-out cookies--Nate's great-grandmother's recipe.

A healthy (read: small) dose of Christmas classics.
Lots of Christmas Program practice.  Our Children's program is this Sunday night at 6!  Come ooh and ahh with me!

2 dozen gingerbread men, decorated by the girls and their cousins.

Plenty of great Christmas music!  This year we're playing lots of Harry Connick, Jr., Veggie Tales Christmas, and the crooners--Bing, Frank, and Nat.

Some great chatting about the Christmas carols, and fun role-play of the Christmas story.

A little Christmas shopping, sewing, crafting, wrapping, etc...

A good bit of party-planning/going:  church ladies' party, singles' party, home party, and others.

Lots (but never enough) of housecleaning, Christmas decorating, & snow-admiring.

And not a lot of blogging, Facebooking, or leisure time!


Alicia said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto! We're immersed in all things Christmas here too. Fun times! Sounds like you're fully enjoying the season!