Friday, November 05, 2010

"You [God] are good, and do good!" Psalm 119:68

Just praising our great God today for the wonderful things which He's doing in our family! 

Business is slow at Nate's job.  In fact, he didn't work all week.  While we love, love, LOVE having him home, we realize that steady work = steady pay! 

Ever faithful, God provided some big blessings this week.  He's always letting us know that He cares for us, but this week He's done some big (from our perspective) things:

1.  This week our tenants moved out.  Without incident.  This is a good thing, yea verily, A VERY GOOD THING. 

2.  Tonight we're meeting our new tenants to show them the house.  They're part of our church family, and the sweet wife is a former student of mine.  (Does this make me feel old?  Absolutely it does.)  We have no doubt that this arrangement will work out beautifully. 

(Although you never really know.) 

((But we're pretty sure we know.))

3.  The Lord provided a buyer who snatched up all of the remaining Mary Kay products in my inventory.    I've tried unsuccessfully to sell it, and praise God some lady bought it ALL today!  It was just one medium-sized box, but that $300 will certainly come in handy this week. 

4.  This one's not such a big one, but it was big to us.  Nate lost his phone yesterday in IKEA.

IKEA, of all places!  Have ya BEEN in IKEA?  It is a winding and discombobulating labyrinth, I tell you.

After 30 minutes of hunting, we gave up and decided to call the store later on.  Lo and behold, someone had turned it in!  We were spared the hassle and expense which accompany such a problem. 

It has been exciting to see God move! 

Even more so, since we can share these experiences with our children.  What very real truths they're learning about our great, caring, Provider God!