Monday, November 08, 2010

"Mature" for her age...

Sometimes Olivia really shocks me with her helpfulness.  She does all sorts of things with and for me, but her very favorite thing to do is to help me in the kitchen.

Last weekend we made french toast together at breakfast time, and she really wanted to do it all!  She cracked the egg, whisked the batter together, lay the dripping bread slices on the griddle, flipped them, and transferred them to the platter... almost completely by herself! 

As I halfway-supervised Livvie, I set the table and poured drinks, with wonderful visions of how my bustling, efficent kitchen will look in about 5 years!  I'm so proud of our helpful, maturing girl!


And then, whenever I get too proud of her (and myself), she wows me with conversations like this:

Olivia:  (holding a tape measure in her hand) "Mommy, stand still.  I need to measure how big you are."
Me:  "Oh, okay."
Olivia:  (pause)  "WHOA.  I can NOT believe it."
Me:  "What?  How big am I?"
Olivia:  (very serious) "Mom!  You are bigger than the couch!"


TwoMuths said...

that's ok - Aaron told me I was 73 inches. wide. Luckily, I know he has no clue. Or I would have a huge (heh heh) complex.

Melissa said...

Aww... I see the jammies fit. I'm glad. Did she love them???