Monday, September 27, 2010

Olivia the Athlete

Olivia had her first soccer practice/match last weekend.

***I'd love to know what Evan was saying!***
For the most part, she loved it. 

She's a people person, so she was excited about making new friends.

She was especially excited about finally wearing her new soccer gear.
Her sisters didn't share her enthusiasm, however.
She loved the drills... dribbling down the field, kicking to a partner...
...but when the time came to play 3-on-3, she mostly did this:
Bump-on-a-log.  That's my girl.
But we cheered for her just the same.
The enthusiasm soared at snack time.  And then again when Aunt Celeste showed up with toys.
They had a blast playing together!
We look forward to seeing Olivia's coordination improve (hopefully!) throughout the season.