Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Summer Sandals for $2.11

Between the $10 off coupon code and free shipping on shoes (through September 6), I was able to score some new dress sandals for Olivia (for next summer) for just $2.11!   Go here for details.

Olivia was tickled when I showed her these beauties, whose original price is $30.
"MOM!  They have a HEEL!"


Abby said...

I just got some for Eli for $1.05!!! Love it!

Busch family said...

Thank you, Karen!! I got some cute sandals for Ruthie for $1! Woohoo!

Weadock Family said...

Thanks Karen! I just got some church shoes for a couple of the boys. Not for $1, but still a great deal--especially since they're going to deliver them to my door for free!!

Melissa said...

Thanks Karen! I got a pair of shoes for Connor that hopefully he will leave on his feet. He HATES shoes and these are more like socks so hopefully he won't mind them. I love getting deals like this.