Friday, June 11, 2010

Ellia's (Early) Birthday Celebration

Last night we celebrated Ellia's birthday, 5 days early.  First, we hung a banner. 

Oh yes, we are big on the decorating.

Next, I dug out and displayed this photo of Ellia, taken just a couple days after she was born. 
And then I cried mournfully at the swiftness of the past two years.

After dinner, we let Ellia pick out the cupcake she wanted.
She chose the one with chocolate chips.  Good girl!
Present time!   From Grandpa & Grandma:  her very own pair of "princess shoes..."
"My, but they are lovely."

She said that.

...a shopping basket filled with play food...
(I love Olivia's expression here.  She doesn't even like cucumbers.) 

...and now, the BIG present...
Livvie can hardly contain herself.  She knows what's in there, and she has asked me for it approximately 1,742 times in the last two days.
...a 6-piece baby doll set!
A pack-n-play, changing pad, baby carrier, highchair, bouncy seat, and carseat.
She lunged for it as soon as she woke this morning.
This is huge, as she normally whines for JUICE!  MOMMY!  JUICE! immediately upon waking.

Grandma Susie sent a cute outfit for her:

...and we bought Ellia her first Bible, since she'll be moving up into the Children's Church program after her birthday.  (SNIFF!)

Happy early birthday, sweet Ellia! 


jennifer said...

So cute! Where did you get your cupcake tiered tray?