Monday, May 24, 2010

Pruning & Weeding

Raise your hand if you have (or will have) a garden this year.

Can you see me?  I'VE GOT MY HAND RAISED! 

A man in our church graciously came over last weekend and tilled up a section of yard for us.  I'm excited to dig in the dirt and fuss over my little garden plot this summer!  I'm even excited to pull weeds!

Speaking of weeds...

...Olivia is now five feet, three inches tall. 
Okay, not really.  But she is sprouting up much too quickly!

With summer approaching, you can expect to see quite a bit less activity here on Ye Old Blog.  I won't be completely absent (Don't worry, grandparents!), just busy about better things.  I've already instituted Weekend One-Liners, and I'm going to try to limit blogging to just a couple days per week. 

I'm not dead--just busy pulling weeds! 


Mary Ann said...

Have fun & let us know how your garden grows!