Thursday, May 06, 2010

Anger "Management," Part Six: When You've Been Wronged

Is it ever okay to indulge your anger? 
What about those people who cheat you or step all over you trying to get to the top?  What about those who take advantage of you? 
What about someone who lies to you, or (maybe worse)--lies about you?  What then?

The Bible gives us directives for solving People Problems.  And it isn't what we might expect, certainly not our first response! 

It is essential to remember that in all things Christ is our model.  How, then, did Christ respond when He was wronged?
We must purpose in our hearts to exhibit the love of Christ--yes, even to those who sin against us!

But it's easy to get discouraged, isn't it?  Let's remember that God is faithful and will not permit us to be tempted more than we can bear!  And praise Him!  What God has started in us, He promises to finish!


Mary Ann said...

Thanks for the continued insight, Karen. I've recently had some things at work change & I have really struggled with anger. Finally, I realized that part of what the Lord is trying to teach me is not that this situation is something that someone is doing to me, but something that God is allowing to happen for His own purpose. Once I had that focus the anger & hurt subsided & I began to look for the ways the Lord wants me to change. He is so good to continue teaching us & making us more like Him!