Thursday, February 04, 2010

This is Me, by Brienna

This is me. This is the face I make most often, the face which looks like my Daddy.

This is me, trying to crawl already. See how I'm trying to get my ham hocks up underneath me? And my mom is gettin' after me for growing too fast; that's why I'm laughing.

This is me, doing yoga. This position is called the rolie-polie-toe-sucker. I'm not very good at sitting yet, but I'm very good at this position.

This is me, grabbing my toes. They're fascinating, and I love them.

And this is me, laughing at you! Have a great day!

P.S. This video is for the grandparents. You can watch it if you want, but it's probably pretty boring, unless you find scooting babies particularly interesting.


Karee said...

Karen, this is so cute! I loved the "yoga" position picture and caption the best. Made me giggle to myself. She is so, so adorable - all three of your kids are just beyond gorgeous. I just shared Livvie's salvation story with Brandon, and we were both so touched. Beautiful. Made me a bit teary. You are a fabulous mama!

Kelly Glupker said...

She sure does look like her daddy!