Friday, February 12, 2010

Super Bowl (a bit late)

Did y'all enjoy any Super Bowl festivities last Sunday night?
We grabbed a pizza and zipped home after church for a living room pizza party.
It was a big hit.


Jenny said...

Karen, I didn't see a "contact me" link so I am writing my questions in the comment section. I hope that is okay.

First off, I love your blog, it is one that I visit everyday. Your girls are adorable.

But what I am amazed the most by is your gratefulness. I too am gratefull for everything.

But I just wonder, is there anything that you want or do splurge on? How do you make sure you only buy the basics? Are you on a budget?

I ask because we are a family of six. I work part time but would love to be home full time. But it seems that we are always in need of something.

Our kids go go public schools, are you going to homeschool?

I know so many questions. I am just always amazed at you and your spirit. Do you ever get down, ungrateful or the "wants"?