Tuesday, February 02, 2010

"...How beautiful are the feet of them..."

God has burdened my heart about including our children in our partnership with missionaries. I really want their view of missionary work to be an accurate one; I hope to help them understand that serving God is exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling!
To start, I made a simple missionary prayer book, made from a plastic photo book from the dollar store. I removed the cover photo and replaced it with my own homemade page. It reads,
"Partnering with & Praying for our Missionaries. '...How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!' Romans 10:13"
I then slipped one missionary's prayer card into each of the sleeves. Voila!
We pray for one missionary family each week. I show the family photo and we review the family members' names, along with the country to which they belong.
After the Haiti earthquake, we decided to pray for the Shelpmans, who are missionaries there. They lost their home and had to return to the States for awhile. Our church took an offering to give toward their new home expenses, and Olivia was particularly concerned. "And God, please be with the Shelpmans. Their house fell down and they need lots of money for a new house!"
It is a privilege to partner with these ambassadors for Christ! Last week we prayed for the Harris family--one of our own families who is on deputation for Peru.
On Sunday night our church welcomed the Champlins, our missionaries to Suriname, South America. We kept Livvie with us for the slideshow, and we took her to see their display table. She was fascinated! Perhaps one day God will call one of our own children to the mission field; perhaps not. Either way, I hope their burden for lost souls is strong!
**Livvie, perusing our Missionary Prayer Book**


Weadock Family said...

I love it!! We have a very similar thing. I also put the missionary cards in a small photo album. We have a 'missionary person' for Bible time each day (they change each week). The person gets to choose which missionary they pray for that night. They seem to enjoy it and it helps them remember our missionaries.