Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Things and Stuff and Everything Else

Every once in awhile I have to do a brain dump; if I don't, the overflow is not pretty. Bear with me.

  1. I'm totally into coffee. I mean, I've loved coffee for a decade or so (Whoa.), but lately I like to brew a cup or two at night. Late-night, like 10 p.m. I think it's just that time of the year.
  2. I'm thinking about just leaving my remaining Christmas/winter decorations up until next year. We got the tree, stockings, and some other stuff put away, but I'm dragging my feet on the rest. Anyone else out there floating along in the same Lazy Boat?

  3. Last weekend I watched Apollo 13. For the first time. Let me say for the record: I never want to travel to outer space. Just sayin'. By the time that movie was over, I was freezing cold and blind with fatigue. The actors are that good, I guess! Tom Hanks was perfect as the courageous Jim Lovell, and I even liked Kevin Bacon. Up until Apollo 13, I've never-ever-not-once liked Kevin Bacon in a movie. He always plays the bully or the scuzzball, it seems. But (except for the very first scene) he was good this time. I even went the extra mile the following morning and read up on Jim Lovell on wikipedia. Did you know that the real-life Jim has a cameo in the movie? Mmm hmm.

Here's the real-life crew saluting our flag, shown with President Nixon. (Why isn't Nixon saluting, I wonder?)

I still just can't believe that we've sent men to the MOON. I'm amazed at all the technology and the engineering, and my goodness--THE MATH, that goes into a space shuttle endeavor.

4. I came across a way to enjoy decaf coffee without all the chemicals! Enter the Swiss Water Process! I get mine at Wal-Mart; it's their Sam's Choice Organic Decaf. Care to find Swiss Water Process decaf near you? Just go here and enter your zip code.

5. I'm starting to go just a little bit crazy, because we don't have a 2010 calendar yet. I didn't realize how frequently I glance at it, until it wasn't there anymore. The frustrating thing: I've ordered about 5 of them, offered free from various companies. I just know as soon as I go out and buy one, they'll all show up.

6. This afternoon is installment number 4 of my Root Canal Adventure. Ugh. I don't care what they tell you--root canals are no walk in the park. I've been having it done at the Dental School at the U of M here, which is why it's taking so long. In exchange for my patience (ahem!), they charge about half of what a private practice would. So I have to grin and bear it. Well. I will not grin. But I suppose I can bear it.

I think I feel better now. This brain dump has been successfully completed. Thanks for your cooperation.


Mary Ann said...

Oh my goodness - sorry about the root canal! I've never had one, but my sister has had like 3. Pregnancy destroyed her teeth, I think. Anyway, You're almost there & hallelujah about not paying full price!
I'm in love with coffee, too. I like to have a hot cup in my hands at night too, my stomach just won't let me drink it :-(
I have an extra 2010 calendar - wish we were close enough for me to pass it on!

Alicia said...

Brain dump -- sounds like something I need to practice. My brain is seriously scattered as of late.

I agree, we also truly enjoyed Apollo 13. There's a good documentary of all the apollo missions that your library probably owns. Produced by Tom Hanks and Ron Howard, it's excellent. Titled "From Here to Earth". We watched several of them and learned so much!

The SWISS WATER® Process said...

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