Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Few of My Favorite (Random!) Things

Pardon the random-nicity whilst I unload just a few little tidbits from my overstuffed brain. 'Cause I know you're just dying to know about every little thing.

I'm loving this new deodorant. While I'm nursing, I don't like to wear perfumes or even body sprays. I don't want to irritate or overload Brienna's senses, so I just go without. But this deodorant has juuuust enough scent to make me feel pretty, without being too much.

On a related note, I'm really liking these homemade re-useable nusing pads. They're the easiest thing I've made to date, too! Cut circles out of flannel (I used a receiving blanket.) Place 3 circles together and sew all around the perimeter. Repeat, using a zigzag stitch, to reinforce. That's it!

For some reason, I really like this photo of Nate. Something about the broad shoulders, the muscle-y arms, the saggy jeans...

...and the toolbelt. Me likey.

I love this one, too, but for different reasons, obviously. Talk about sweet!
Can you believe his hair was this straight once upon a time?

And while we're admiring pictures, I like this one, too.
November 2004...seems like eons ago. I guess in a way it was: it was before The Offspring arrived, one right after the other, like teeny weeny troops swooping in for battle.

I'm also loving this body wash here. I'd like to eat it, to be very honest. I'm a sucker for smell-good stuff, though. Are you?

Pie crust, found on this site. I've never been a pie crust fan. At all. I always found it to be too tasteless, too dry, too crumbly, too tough, etc. But Nate's mom gave me some tips for pie crust, along with BH&G's recipe, and now I love it!