Thursday, August 20, 2009

Reading Time

Hours upon hours of reading Little Mommy have paid off.

Livvie can now "read" it, almost word-for-word, to Ellia, who sits at rapt attention and helps turn the pages.

"My neighbor comes for a cup of tea. We have a party by the cherry tree...Oh, dear! I'm afraid Betsy is ill! I put her to bed and give her a pill. I call on the phone for Doctor Dan. He says he'll come as soon as he can. ...Don't worry! She'll be well as quick as a wink. It's just the mumbledybumps, I think... Dinner is ready, don't be late... sit up straight! Eat your spinach; it's good for you. It's storytime. I'll read a poem and a nursery rhyme. It's bath time now for my little dears. I scrub their necks and wash their ears. I tuck them in bed and sing them a song, and they'll be asleep before very long... Goodnight, dollies. I'm sleepy, too."