Sunday, August 02, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

My first attempt at sewing clothing is complete! I'm so pleased with the finished product, and of course the young recipient couldn't be sweeter.

When we tried the dress on her last night, [She wouldn't even wait until her hair dried!] she squealed with delight and immediately said, "Thanks for sewing it for me, Mom!" And then the twirling commenced. My girl loves to twirl.

Had to get a photo of her this morning before church.

[I really don't know why she associates "tilted head" with "pretty girl."]


TwoMuths said...

SO cute! (your daughter, AND the dress!) Great Job, Karen!!

jennifer said...

Verrrry cute. Are you taking orders? I need a 4:)

Melissa said...

Very cute! You did a really good job. I recognize the fabric. I used to have some just like it. lol. I love the two fabrics together too. Great Job!!!

Alicia said...

ADORABLE dress, Karen! Love the pattern and the fabrics you chose. That daisy print is perfect on her! Did it take long to make?

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen ...a note from Kathy's mom ......I am so tickled that she is sharing her sewing talent..Congratulations of your first project (Green is my favorite color) You little ones are so cute ... Until next time.. Elsie