Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blessings from Blessings

A friend of ours had a need yesterday--a sick child--and I volunteered to run to the store & pick up a couple natural remedies for her. It was much easier for me to load & unload my 2 healthy kids, than it would've been for her to load her sick kid and his three siblings! (especially when said sick kid needed immediate bathroom access... poor guy!) It took all of one hour to pick up the needed items (along with a cold drink for the mama), and then we stopped by to deliver them. No biggie!

In fact, it was so fun to explain to Olivia the concepts of being a blessing and pleasing the Lord by serving others. She thoughtfully took it all in and sypathized, "How sad that this boy was sick!' and "won't he feel so much better when we give him some medicine for his tummy!" As we drove through Wendy's to get the mom's sweet tea, I bought her a chocolate milk. I felt it was important to reward her kind heart and willing attitude. She was so tickled!

So imagine my surprise...when I delivered the goods to this poor, tired mommy, she handed me 2 bags of goodies!

...a princess stamp & sticker set for Olivia. She played with it all day,

...scrumptious homemade chocolate chip cookies, for whose recipe I will beg, plead, and demand,

...a super-cute wooden puzzle for Ellia,

...and an enormous zucchini!

And so I was able to reinforce to Livvie that God blesses us when we bless others!

I'd say that hour was well-spent.


Mary Ann said...

Amen - that hour was definitely well spent! The Lord amazes me with His ability to spread the blessing. And the kindness that you are teaching Livvie will spread that blessing even further as she grows up.

Abby said...

God is so good! What an amazing lesson that your family learned yesterday!!

Heather said...

That is SO awesome!! What a special little girl you have!!!