Monday, July 20, 2009

Works of God

I'm no regular Works of God participant, but if I happen to remember it on Mondays, I can usually think of several things right away. The Lord is always at work, and it is exciting to witness! Here are just a few things from the past week, in bullet form:

  1. Probably the biggest blessing to us is that we're getting a new-to-us vehicle! Nate's work car is nearing death. I mean really--it's breathing its last! He hasn't had brake lights in weeks, and the ignition has been finicky for months, meaning he holds his breath every time he turns the key. 2 of the doors don't open from the outside... you get the point. Well, Nate's folks recently purchased a new-to-them vehicle, so they're giving us a steal of a deal on their Malibu! It will be such a relief for Nate (and for me, too!), and he'll actually have A/C this summer! As usual, we hadn't even begun looking into our options or praying fervently about it yet. It's just like God to fulfill a need in advance. Praise Him!

2. One of my former students was married Saturday. It's always a blessing to witness 2 believers join in marriage. What a work of God!

3. Our church continues to grow! Another new member was added yesterday!

4. VBS week was a smashing success! Our "50 by Friday" goal was blown out of the water, with about 55 on Monday, 65 on Tuesday, 83 on Wednesday, 68 on Thursday, and 81 on Friday. Three young souls accepted Christ, and we saw lots of visitors & their families! Last night was our VBS closing service, including a recap of the week, slideshow, awards (more on our own little award-winner tomorrow!), the VBS store, and an ice cream social. Many visiting parents & grandparents attended--the place was packed!

How has God worked in your life this week?


TwoMuths said...

Those are some great blessings, Karen! You might not "participate" in WOGM, but you certainly praise God often on your blog! Thanks for your grateful spirit!! It is so encouraging to hear how God is at work - any day of the week. :-)

Stacey said...

Like the new look of your blog, took me back for a minute but it's a nice change.

So thankful about your new vehicle, Praise the Lord.