Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ellia Update: 12 month checkup

This week Ellia had her 12-month checkup, a little late. Nate took her, as I had a prior obligation. That was a first! He said she cried the whole time. Poor, poor baby! She had to have some blook work done, and it turns out she's a bit anemic. Must run in the family! So we've bought her an amped-up multivitamin; goodness knows she eats a varied enough diet! Here are her stats:

23 lbs, 2 oz. (74%)
29.75 inches tall (59%)

She's also in the 99th percentile for head circumference, and the doc wanted us to schedule a CAT scan to make sure her big ole head isn't filling up with spinal fluid. That can happen on occasion, you know. Boy, nothing like making a parent worry! Well, we learned that big heads are genetic sometimes--Nate's head is large, as is Olivia's--and she's developing perfectly. So we declined that test.

Ellia's 3rd tooth finally broke through, which is exciting, except that it's a top fang tooth. (sorry, can't remember the name...cuspid?) I hope the rest of them come quickly!

Ellia eats like a horse. I'm serious, here. She can put away 3 scrambled eggs with cheese at breakfast, and an entire sandwich with fruit for lunch. She's been known to eat 3 bowlfuls of food without batting an eye.

And if you don't refill that bowl quickly enough for her liking, well, watch out!

She child truly eats herself into a stupor. It's sickening to witness.


Alicia said...

Wow, those spaghetti pictures are crazy! So reassuring that you have a good eater though. Clive's appetite waxes and wanes and I worry he's not eating enough. Ellia must be incredibly active if she's eating so much! Your poor poor mama. :(

Kara said...

Cuspid would be correct!