Friday, June 12, 2009


No time to wax eloquent now--too much to do!

Tuesday night Nate watched the girls while I went to Kathy's to sew. (I'm working on a dress for Olivia.) Ellia & Trango got quite friendly, I'm told.

Livvie went to spend the night with her cousins last night. Not sure when she'll be back; possibly not til after dinner. Wish I could really dive into my endless to-do list, but I'll probably end up snuggling Ellia instead. That's okay, too.

Ellia appears to be teething fiercely the last few days. Last night her temp was 104*! She wants only her bottles to eat and someone to hold her. Yesterday she slept most of the day. Poor, poor baby. Thankfully there aren't any other symptoms to deal with. I hope she's feeling better by party time Monday!


Stacey said...

That explains why Brienna has not left my hip since Wednesday. Thanks for shedding some light on the situation;-)

Hope what ever tooth it is breaks forth soon:-) LOL! I feel your pain.