Monday, June 08, 2009

A Failed Attempt at Photos. And the home-done version.

This morning I took Ellia to get her 12-month portraits done. It did not go well. I was not interested in rescheduling, nor did I want to hang around til her mood changed, as the woman suggested. I was prepared to leave without a single.decent.shot. No lie, grandparents--not one!

The very patient photographer tried a couple more, and I settled on 2. No smiles at all, not even the hint of one. Just tears and snot and a wide-open, crying mouth. At least her outfit was cute, and I certainly wouldn't have paid money for the shots without a great coupon. So then I followed Ellia around at home and snapped a few of my own. (sigh.) If only I knew something about taking pictures.


Anonymous said...

I hear ya sista (or should I say sista-in-law). We took Reagan for her 6 month shots - terrible! Not a single smile! Oh, well. The ones you took look great. I perfer the more natural ones anyway. Love the one with her little tounge out!


Alicia said...

I actually really like the tongue-sticking out shot! It shows her personality.

Isn't that frustrating when you get them all dolled up and make the effort to go to a studio? I have that coming up again for Clive's 18mos. milestone. Thank the Lord for coupons!

Stacey said...

I think the pictures you took look fabulous I love her little tongue sticking out and especially the one of her sitting on the bench, most people pay big bucks to get those should be proud and get an 8x10 of it, sure does make for great memories later on.

I went ahead and took my own pictures of Brienna for her 1st B-day in our back yard and I got one good picture because the moment her foot touched the grass it was all tears after that.

Shyla said...

I like the one with her holding onto the bench!