Thursday, May 28, 2009

Boo-boos & Curls

We're doing much better today. I put Olivia's mattress on our bedroom floor, anticipating a rough night, but she konked out and stayed out all night long. This morning she complained about pain a few times, but after just one dose of Tylenol, she's been a pretty happy camper all day. We even ventured out to the grocery store, where Livvie's bandage got caught on an apricot box and promptly unraveled down to her feet. She freaked out; she really does not like seeing her boo-boo. We scrambled to the opposite side of the store to get a bandage and some tape, and we were in business!

In other news, Ellia's hair has really begun to curl in the back and on the sides! I love it. I'd hoped my kids would have curly hair--it seems I've gotten my wish.

Between family get-togethers and Memorial Day and ER runs, I haven't done much substantive cooking in the last week or so. Tonight...I'm back in the kitchen! I'm trying roasted asparagus, something I've not made before. What're you having tonight?


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen! Poor Olivia...hope she's doing better. Praying for her. Great minds think alike - I recently made roasted asparagus & pizza. :) Now I'm just waiting for my hubby to come home so we can eat! :) I now have a blog - I'm praying for you - have a great weekend!

Alicia said...

What a trooper your little girl is! Glad you all had a better day today!

How'd the roasted asparagus go? I tried a new recipe and it did NOT go over well. It tasted great but I don't think Chloe and Clive liked how it "looked". Oh well! Gotta eat what God gives us.

Stacey said...

Her hair is a the curls.

I made some salsa last night so I thought I'd make enchiladas to go with it, they are quick and a great meal to heat up after church.

Have you already moved out of our home?

Karen said...

Mmm, Stacey, enchiladas! Love them.

Our renters are moving in here July 1. We're still here!

Mary Ann said...

I'm so glad that Olivia seems to bouncing back well!
Roasted asparagus - YUM! I made some last weekend with garlic & olive oil to take to my church's Mother's Day Banquet. It was gone in a flash, let me tell you ;-)

Sara said...

Poor Livvie! Hope she recovers quickly...and yes, I remember those days in college when you were all but cursing your own beautiful curls..but hoping and wishing that your little ones would inherit them! You sealed the deal when you married Nate! And I LOVE those curls! Miss your long hair too!!