Friday, March 20, 2009

Blue is back

Last year Mary Kay revamped all their color cosmetics, introducing several new colors in the process. Several of them were blue.
...Hello? Anyone else remember the late 80's?
Blue! Not even my grandmother wore blue eyeshadow. Did you? Be honest now.
Well, I'm no longer ashamed to say it: Upon occasion, I've been known to wear blue eyeshadow.

Pretty subtle, right? It's all about technique & blending. ...and gadzooks, look at my very long hair!

Do the blue right, and it looks sultry & smoky. (Smokey?)

I think even my grandmother would approve.

In addition, I've switched to black brown mascara, a MAJOR switch from the jet black I've worn for 13 years. And it's life-changing, I tell ya.


TwoMuths said...

I have to say, I never wore blue back in the day. I have green eyes, and well, it looked ridiculous. I admit that I am still skeptical and yes, stuck in my rut of browns or pinks or plums. But the mascara? Brown all the way.

I'd gladly accept makeup tips from you - your eyes look lovely. If only my skin would cooperate with MK. *sigh*

Mary Ann said...

Bring it on! I'm not a proponent of major blue, but I do prefer navy blue eyeliner. I have very dark brown eyes & I just really like the way it seems to brighten them up. Could be my imagination, but I like it ;-)

Jennifer said...

I relly like the blue in the pics. I wore electric blue eyeliner in high school, ewww! Does Mary Kay have a good mascara? I have tried probably 10 different mascaras and I hate them. They clump, run, and smear. I cannot find one I really like.

Karee said...

can you give me a make up lesson??? Yours looks so fabulous!!

Karen said...

Electric blue! Yikes, Jennifer! :) I guess we all have regrets...

Most people like our ultimate mascara, but if smearing is your problem, you may want to try the waterproof. If you'd like, e-mail me & I'll give you a super deal!

Shannon, Sister-in-law said...

Oh I DO remember the blue phase in the late 80's. I even wore blue mascara sometimes! Yes, it's true. But -- LONG LIVE THE BLACK-BROWN!! I've been wearing that since I was first allowed to don the stuff! I also love your hair.