Thursday, January 08, 2009

That Explains It.

Olivia has had a rough couple of days, discipline-wise.
And I think I know why.

This morning, having had 2 or 3 "devotional thoughts" together, I overheard her singing "This is the Day." Here's her rendition:

"This is the day (repeat)
That the Lord has made (repeat)
We will rejoice (repeat)
And be bad in it."

Hmm. I see a lyrical correction must needs be made, posthaste.


Stacey said...

Oh yes I know exactly what you are talking about....This year was Aleia's first year of understanding Christmas, baby Jesus and Santa....well one day she said baby Jesus had a mama and daddy, so we asked her who they were and she said Mary was his mother and Santa was His Daddy:-) yeah we had long discussion after it all:-)

Hope Livvie learns to be glad in the next few days:-)


Melissa said...

That is hilarious. Some days I wonder what gets into Aidan too. I can't blame it on that song though because he doesn't know it yet. So was she better today?

Alicia said...

Too funny! Maybe her behavior will magically improve once you correct her on those song lyrics . . . Ha!

Karen_thrifty said...

Oh goodness. That's hillarious! A few years ago, my daughter sang, "We fall down. We lay our crayons at the feet of Jesus." Kids are so funny!