Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Family Day

It turned out to be a fantastic family day for us! Unplanned & nothing overly exciting, but lovely nonetheless.

We started out by going to my 30-week checkup bright & early--8:40 a.m.! (WOW. 30 weeks. Can' And I have gained but one meager pound in the last month. The doc reinforced her ice cream & milkshake prescription. But baby sounds great and measures well, so no one is too alarmed. My antibody screen was negative, which is a good thing, as I have refused the Rhogam injection (See these posts.).

Then, we had a light breakfast at McDonald's. I had the bacon, egg & cheese biscuit combo. They're MUCH smaller than I remembered!

Then, it was home again to get Livvie ready for her portrait sitting at JCPenney. Nate decided to accompany us--a nice surprise. She wore her Easter dress, complete with headband, and looked like a VERY big girl. They turned out very well.

We then stopped at the bank, and then Meijer to pick up some milk, Pepsi, & ice cream (doctor's orders!).

Home again, where we had lunch, followed by a great nap. Yes, ALL of us! It was wonderful.

Then, we took Trango for a little walk & spent a few minutes at the park. It's pretty nice out, so Nate puttered around the yard while Livvie drew with sidewalk chalk and went down her slide over and over....

Now it's 6! And we have spent literally the whole day together.
I am blessed!


Heather said...

WOW!! What a great day you were able to spend with hubby and Livvie!! I do love those days and am so happy when we get them here in our house!!

I have to agree with you those McDonald's biscuits SHRUNK!!!! I couldn't believe how small they were the last time I got one. Oh much does your doctor think you should be gaining by now?? You sound like you feel fine...are they worried about it or do they just want you to continue to eat more?? When do we ever get doctors orders like that???

Enjoy the rest of your envening!!!

Sara said...

Glad you are doing well, and baby is healthy!! Olivia is such a doll.