Saturday, December 08, 2007

Good Day & Good Night

Today was a pretty good day, even though Olivia was up a few times in the night. The 3rd time, around 4:30, I nudged Nate and said, "Your turn!" I heard him change her diaper, and apparently she loudly protested staying in her crib; next thing I knew she was lying beside me. She lay awake for a full hour... and therefore, so did I. (I learned early on that we 3 could never be co-sleepers, even if we wanted to be. I am paranoid about rolling over on her or some horrible thing. Even if she slept like a rock, I'd be wide awake.) It was clear that nothing was really wrong with her, so I put her back into bed. She fell asleep immediately.

Nate had an almost 100% Concordia day. He was gone for practice from 9:30-noon; then he went to the JV game from 3-5ish; tonight he left at 6:30 to scout an upcoming opponent. He'll be back after 10. Days like today make me weary of basketball. I never get too wounded, though; he does love it, after all. When he told me he'd be scouting tonight, I said, "Again!??? Isn't it someone else's turn?" (Last year the 3 assistants took turns.) He told me that Ben (Head Coach) said he wants Nate to scout for the Varsity games. Last year Ben confided that Nate was his favorite scout; Nate does such a thorough job and really gives Ben concrete pointers & information. What a proud wife I am!

So Olivia & I had the day almost to ourselves. This morning we stayed in... I wrapped some Christmas presents, tidied up the house, showered, etc., & cleaned up the kitchen while she napped. Later in the afternoon we dropped off some donations at the local Salvation Army, as well as did a little shopping. I'm on the prowl for winter snow boots, both for Livvie and me. She also needs mittens. I didn't have any luck there, but I did find a child-sized pillow for her. It was half price and ended up being $1.50. Yay! I'm going to make a pillowcase to fit it. I'm no seamstress, but a pillowcase I can do!

Then we picked up some groceries at Kroger, at which time I REALLY started feeling the effects of the rough night! Boy, was I dragging! We went home a different way, and I spotted the new location of the PTO Thrift Shop. I decided to stop in, just to check out boots & mittens. No luck in either category. BUT...

...I did find the $.50 room, in which I found this grey mint-condition Eddie Bauer dress. WOW! I'm not a Petite 10, but I know a couple people who may be able to wear it. At that price, I can make a small profit on Craigslist, if nothing else! I also picked up a couple inexpensive homemade-Christmas-gift containers.

Olivia slept on the way home, meaning a no-nap afternoon. Bummer. I had hopes of snagging a nap myself. I made a quick dinner of boneless pork chops, cheesy steamed broccoli, & deviled eggs. Pretty good, I have to say. I picked up a dry rub recipe some months ago that we LOOOOOVE on pork. Equal parts garlic salt, Lawry's, cayenne, & paprika. Rub on meat periodically while cooking. Nate said it's the best pork he's ever had! That's a high compliment!

Livvie has been in bed for 30 minutes already, and... I'm not embarrassed to say it! It's 8:30, and I'm going to bed! Nighty-night!


carissa said...

KAREN!! Your LIvvie is just so pretty! Like you, of course :)
I am not embarrassed to say this either, but it's 8:20, kids are in bed, and I'm going to bed too!! love you.