Thursday, December 06, 2007

Food & Fun

Not much to say tonight... another uneventful day at Kim's, for which I'm grateful.

Livvie has begun signing "thank you." SO cute. And she's attempting a few words now and then. Indistinguishable to everyone but us, I think. :)

Nate had the day off from Concordia (an extreme rarity!), so we celebrated his job change by going out to eat at Ruby Tuesday. I get their unlimited garden bar every time. Tonight I got the chicken & broccoli quiche as well. Then we stopped by Meijer to look at a few things. It was fun--we took Olivia to look at the fish & rodents. She's adorable, the way she talks to them and runs from cage to cage. We also strolled through the toys and watched her get excited at all the shiny, NOISY stuff. A trip through the Christmas section completed our family outing. Funny how kids change the nature of one's dates, isn't it? But it was thoroughly enjoyable.

I'm going over to Carolyn's tomorrow. I haven't been there in several weeks. Nate has agreed to keep Livvie. "No sense paying a sitter when I'm home!" he says. Fine with me!


Alicia said...

I hear ya. Now that we have Chloe when we go to wal-mart we MUST stop at the fishies and the pay-a-quarter-ride-on toys in the front. During the summer Matt would take Chloe with him to Lowe's and she always wanted to look at the water fountains. That was the highlight of her shopping outing!

Glad you get to have your hubby home more now! Isn't that terrific?!? I feel so spoiled that I have Matt home as much as I do. He is NOT allowed to change careers bcuz the professor schedule rocks.