Monday, November 26, 2007

Pregnancy, Take Two

Well, I thought I'd give a little info, so y'all don't have to ask the same questions, and I don't have to answer them more than once! Here are the answers to all the most commonly asked questions.

  1. When are you due? June 11th, which happens to be Nate's mom's birthday. My dad says the baby should wait a week, since his birthday is the 18th. We shall see. Last time he requested that Olivia come on grandparents' day, and she agreed. :)
  2. How have you been feeling? Terrible, thank you. I lost 10 pounds in the first 6 or 8 weeks. I think the Thanksgiving holiday helped to remedy that, though. :) I had no nausea at all with Olivia, so this aspect is new for me. And yes, everyone says that means it's a boy. Again, we shall see! The waves of nausea come whenever they please... yesterday the smell of my Spearmint lip gloss nearly did me in, but a couple hours later a double decker supreme taco helped a lot.
  3. How far apart will he/she and Olivia be? 21 months.
  4. Are you going to find out the gender again? Right now, we've sort of agreed that it'd be nice to be surprised this time. But we said that last time, too. But I may actually be able to hold out, seeing that I keep forgetting about the whole thing! Really! Isn't that terrible? Did any of you ladies feel newly surprised--even in your 12th week--whenever you were reminded of your pregnancy?

We had an ultrasound at 10 weeks, and there's only one baby. Whew! (NO COMMENTS, CARISSA!) That's about it, I guess. Feel free to ask any other questions...except whether or not it was planned. I've never understood why that question is acceptable.

That's all! Good night!


TwoMuths said...

I've never understood why that question is acceptable to some people either. That and belly patting. By complete strangers. Huh.

My brother and I were 20 months apart and loved every minute. Ok, almost every minute. There was that dark period when he wasn't showering and I was going through puberty...But we are super close, and really really loved growing up with a built in buddy.

I forgot about my first pregnancy all the time. I am sure this does not bode well for future pregnancies. :-)

CONGRATULATIONS again! How exciting!!!

Vicki said...

Thanks for the information!! :o) It was good to see you last week, although we didn't get to visit much. I hope you get over the nausea soon...that can't be any fun. Oh, and a double decker supreme helped your nausea? That's hilarious! :o)

Kelly Glupker said...

Forgive me for sounding stupid, and I am not asking if it was planned, but I am curious why you guys think it's rude to ask that. I have a huge family and when somebody gets pregnant, it's a common question. I have never given it much thought. So I am curious to hear your thoughts. I get asked all the time when we plan to have another one. Do you think that's unacceptable too?
By the way, congratulations!!!!!!!

Karen said...

Kelly, the "was it planned?" question rubs me the wrong way, mostly because it's nobody's business. To me, it's such an intensely personal matter...I mean, REALLY! It's sex we're talking about here! Plus, I believe every pregnancy is planned by God. Whether it was "longed for" by us is not the point.

I guess most people think our 2 will be really close together in age, because I've gotten that question already...usually the person looks at me like, "TELL me you didn't plan this for yourselves on purpose!" Sheesh!

And yes, I think it's extremely rude to ask when someone's going to have a baby, whether it's the first or whatever. I know a couple people who have had fertility struggles unknown to others, and they've confided that that question is really hurtful. They wanted nothing more in this world than to have children. When people ask that, I feel they're trying to tell me how to plan my family. That's rude to me. And insensitive to any problems that may be going on--physical, marital, financial...

Well, that's enough soapboxing for me! Just my opinions...

TwoMuths said...

Kelly, I'm not sure what protocol is for answering your question on Karen's blog, but since you said "you guys" I'll assume you meant me, too, and add my opinion here.

I think Karen pretty much echoed my feelings on the matter. I've had several friends who have struggled with fertility as well. Really, none of us know whether God will choose to bless us with children (or more children). ANY time He chooses to add a person to the family is His perfect timing, and the question "was this planned" really seems to take emphasis off the work God has done - but again, just my opinion.

For me, it also matters WHO is doing the asking. I think if you're asking someone who is a close friend or close family member, you have a little more freedom - as you would on other issues (politics, medicine, and other controversial issues) but that is just my opinion.

If you can't contain your curiosity, :-) I think a more appropriate question would be, "are you hoping to have a large family" or something equally general would be preferable.

Just my opinions! :-)

Kelli said...

Congratulations, Karen! June 11 is my sister's birthday. By the way, I love the family picture posted on the top of your blog. What a good-looking family you have. Hope you are feeling better soon!