Monday, August 07, 2006

Showers of Blessings!

Saturday was Olivia's baby shower, and boy o boy! Did she get a lot of STUFF! That little girl is spoiled already! The women in my church LOVE to give clothes; I don't foresee having to buy any clothes her first year of life! We received almost all of the things on our registry, which I thought was so great (we got hardly anything on our wedding registry!). She also got lots of books. Of course, I love that.

So Saturday after we got all the stuff home and looked at everything together, I spent about an hour getting everything sorted. I had a bag of bathtime stuff, a bag of feeding stuff, bedding, books, etc... and of course a giant pile of clothes. Then we went to some friends' house and got back home at midnight. Then, I spent an additional 30 minutes or so in the nursery, just puttering around some more.

Yesterday afternoon Nate worked in the yard, and I spent some more time in the nursery, putting things away in her dresser and closet. It was so much fun. Really, really weird, but fun. I'll post pics of all her paraphernalia soon.


Vicki said...

Karen! That is so exciting!! I bet you're counting down now...pretty soon you'll be washing and folding and putting away those clothes. And washing and folding...and washing and folding... :)