Monday, July 03, 2006

Time Flies

Man, o man, where does the time go!?! I guess I'll just highlight last week for ya!

I worked Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Tuesday morning I met a friend for lunch--the woman I coached volleyball with for 2 years. I hadn't seen her in 8 months, so it was really good to get together with her.

Thursday I went over to Kelley's (Concordia University coach's wife). I hadn't seen her since I quit watching her boys in April. We played with the kids (who are getting SO BIG!) for awhile, and then we talked for a couple hours. I always love spending time with her.

Saturday Nate and I went up to Hadley, MI, which is about a 90-minute drive. Nate's mom grew up there, and her siblings are all still there. Every year Nate's Uncle Lanny has "the big shoot-out." Basically, everyone brings all their guns and ammo, and they just shoot them all day. Needless to say, it was NOISY! Fortunately, I am accustomed to guns; my dad has lots of them. Actually, I shot, too! A 357 magnum. :) It was nice to get together with all the "family."

Nate's sister Shannon and her family arrived Friday. Tim (husband) is leaving next Sunday, and Shannon & Leah are staying an extra week.

Yesterday was church, of course. Then, Nate & I, his parents, Justin & Kelly, and Tim & Shannon & Leah went to Jackson (35 minutes) to the All-Star Dairy. It's an old-time ice cream parlor sort of place. That was fun.

And today I'm working a half day. And that's about all! Not exactly riveting news, I know...


Vicki said...

Sounds like you've been a busy woman! That shoot out sounds interesting too... :)