Thursday, May 25, 2006

Vicki Jean, the ole Green Bean

Did I ever call you that to your face, Vick? :) It was just when we were kids, I promise! :)

This is a shout-out to my cousin Vicki. We had such great times as kids... we had The Sound of Music memorized and would recite each line and song word for word... we went to summer camps together... we even got matching goose eggs one time when we drove our sled directly into a telephone pole!

I hate it when I gradually lose touch with people over time, especially family. Blogging and e-mail have brought us back into pretty close contact; praise God for the Internet! Vick's a great friend; she makes me laugh! She's got a blog, but she's relatively new to the blogosphere. Check her out (her blog, that is!) here.

Have a happy Thursday!


Vicki said...

Nope. Never the Green Bean. I was generally Vicki Jean the Mean Machine, thanks to your dad! :)

carissa said...

hi, it's me. Can you believe we were roommates? or "rumates"---only New England style...not RUM! :)

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