Friday, April 14, 2006

My Clothesline

Even though the calendar says spring came on March 20th, it's not really spring to me until I hang laundry on the clothesline. Well, today is the day! It's a slightly overcast but GORGEOUS 78 degrees! I have the day off, too. Yay! I've got all the windows open, which I LOVE. I did a few errands, raked the front yard and filled 2 yard waste bags, and I did 3 loads of wash and hung it on the line. I also made baby shower invitations. I'd love to keep working, but sadly, I'm pooped! I can already tell that my lack of energy will prove to be a source of frustration to me this spring and summer! But I'm thankful anyway, for the weather and the things I've been able to accomplish already today.

We're getting together with Nate's family for Easter dinner Sunday, (which reminds me... I'm to bring a green bean casserole... any great recipes? I've had it many times but never made it.) Anyway, so we're going to have a nice dinner tonight. I thought it was appropriate, being Good Friday.

Hope your Friday is as lovely and productive as mine!


Kelli said...

I love hanging clothes on the line! Maybe I will do that this weekend! Sounds like you got alot done on your day off.
As far as the green bean casserole goes, I just use the recipe on the Campbell's mushroom soup can and it tastes great! Happy Easter!

TwoMuths said...

There's nothing as great as sheets that you hang out on the line and come in smelling like sunshine! Enjoy your clothesline!! :-)