Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mucho Blessings!

Oops! Been awhile, huh? Well, I warned ya that I'd be working more this month, and I have been! In fact, I'm here til 10 tonight! Ouch! But I did have a nap. I'll be fine. Besides, the kids go to bed beteen 8:30 and 9.

I've also been busy with my course work. My current assignment is a nonfiction article. I've always sort of turned my nose up at nonfiction, but now that I've read A LOT of it for my class, I think I can handle it. I'll post it when it's finished.

Here's some exciting news: I'm going to Wisconsin for a whole week! Yep, when Shannon (Nate's sister) came for a week, I told Nate, "I really want to just go 'home' for a week!" When we go (2-3 times a year!), it's for 2 or 3 days, and there's so much to pack in. So he said it was fine! AND, my boss is taking a vacation, too, so I'll get paid! Hooray! AND, (it just keeps getting better!) my parents are flying me there! It's not a huge drive--about 8 hours--but apparently the baby is changing Grandpa already. :) They're so generous to do that. Thanks, Mom and Papa! I fly out April 3rd and back April 9th. I'm so excited... they both have most of the week off.

The other day, as I was leaving work, my boss said to me, "Can I ask you something?" She had an apologetic look on her face, so I thought, Great, she wants me to work even more hours? Silly me. She said, "Do you guys have a crib yet?" Hm. I said no. She said, "We want to give ours to you, if you want it." Hello! I got all teary-eyed and started to object, but she said that instead of selling it, she would really enjoy giving it to us, etc... And she said, "You can have the changing table, too; it matches." Man! We had not even started praying about that major purchase! And these people don't do their furniture shopping at WalMart, either! (hello, they have a well-paid nanny!) I'll post pics soon. It's just beautiful, and we're so grateful for God's provision already.

Nate came home Friday night and said, "What do you say we do a little nursery shopping?" Hey, fine with me! So we cruised through Home Depot and Lowe's looking at a million shades of paint for the walls. We think we've decided on colors we like. That was really fun.

Well, I guess that's about it! Hope your weekend was good!


Abby Turner said...

God is so good! Hey Karen - came across your blog through Shyla. Hope all is well with you! Drop me a line sometime! I'm praying for you and the baby :-)

Abby So-Cool

Shyla said...

Welcome back! :P (brat!!)

Congrats on your blessings! Flying is soooooo nice! If your dad's starting already - imagine when the baby is here !:)
Can't wait to see pics!
How are you feeling? Any more dr.'s appointments?
Praying for that baby! :)

Karen said...

:) hee hee. I know...Grandpa will be unstoppable! I'm feeling great! Next appt is next Thursday the 30th. Thanks! Praying for you, too.

...Hi, Abby!

Heather said...

That is so neat that they GAVE you a crib and a changing table. What a great blessing from the Lord! I hope you have a wonderful time visiting your family! It is always so nice to go "home" to see everyone, isn't it!

Have a wonderful week!

Kelli said...

That is so neat that you get to visit your family for a whole week! And flying is the way to go!! I get to visit my family for a whole week in June! I can't wait! It is hard living away from them.

That is awesome about the crib! The Lord knows our needs and sometimes chooses to meet them even before we realize that they are needs! What an awesome God we serve!
Have a great day!

nate, christina, and connor said...

WOW! that crib looks really nice. it is really fun to see God provide everything you will need for this baby. and let me tell you, girl you will NEED!
have fun planning!